Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Amazing what we will do.......

When we want to learn..lol

I absolutly love european designs and designers. I went hunting for them and ran accross some great blogs....a slight challenge....they were in GERMAN. Yes I know I am german but can't speak or read it to save my life.....INTERNET to the rescue! I found a translator...so when I wish to comment or read some great blogs, now I can :)


Sooooo excited I received my first farbenmix patterns today...can't wait to sew!!!

Digital world

So hard to believe I once...Never owned a computer!
I don't know how I ever did it...business contacts, friends, loops, e-mail, shopping, shopping...oh did I say that twice?! :) Access to European designs(my fav) and south African creations!

Digital scrapbooking and digital camera's wohooo!!!

I plan to add favorite sites as I go.

I also plan to design a new logo for my new blog....tomorrow...3 am already and I have to get some sleep soon.

more tomorrow.....goodnight.