Friday, March 28, 2008

bye bye bootie!

I have been trying really hard to loose so weight finally....I have been afraid to share as always in the back of me head..I am thinking what if I fail?
Day 4, I am proud to say I have not cheated...not one little bit. Even sitting at second cup with friends yesterday, the chocolate cake infront of my friend didn't really temp me. I sat and sipped my tea.
5 lbs down!!!!!!! doesn't seem like much when I look at my self standing nakie in the mirror before my shower...but it's 5 lbs less then last week so 20 in total....2o to steps.
Just need to work out more now.

My morning started off weird. I started to eat my breakfast, almost done...and my stomach began to feel funny, hurt...then bang...I was running to the bathroom and evrything came up. I feel better now, off but better...but I'm afraid to eat...and I am left with broken blood vessels all around my about power puking!

Well off to play groovy girls with she need a

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Virginia's B-day!

March 12th 2004 ..I fell in love for the first time ....AGAIN

At 6 lb 6 oz my little one came in to the world.

The birth of my 4th child came at such a good time in my life.

A unique and strong willed girl from day one, she has affectionately been called the "demon child"... guess it willl come in handly one day :)

Her big brother giving her first bath

supper out with the family mmmm dessert!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll....

yesterday actually was my b-day. For turning 28...o.k 38 it wasn't that bad.
Phones calls and messages ,e-mails from well wishers picked up my day. Nice to know you are special enough for someone to do that!
That night we went for supper at Olive Garden, if you could ignore the whining of the 15 year old who complained...oh sorry commented on the wait, the smell, the people the food prices it was
Love their food...son did too...first time in a year he walked out with a doggy bag! Where do boys put all that food?!
Teenagers can be quite the interesting humans, one min he makes me want to pull my hair out the next laughing my guts out with his sense of humor.
Going out to the van hubby says"help your mom"(because my hands were full of take out containers) the smart ass then grabs my arm and escorts me to the van like a senior citizen, telling me over and over to watch my step....lmao.
The only thing missing was a big fat enormous chocolate cake...whaaaa....where's mommy when I need her :)
( I got my cake thanks to my good friend Kristen!!! will return the love on her b-day!!!)