Friday, March 28, 2008

bye bye bootie!

I have been trying really hard to loose so weight finally....I have been afraid to share as always in the back of me head..I am thinking what if I fail?
Day 4, I am proud to say I have not cheated...not one little bit. Even sitting at second cup with friends yesterday, the chocolate cake infront of my friend didn't really temp me. I sat and sipped my tea.
5 lbs down!!!!!!! doesn't seem like much when I look at my self standing nakie in the mirror before my shower...but it's 5 lbs less then last week so 20 in total....2o to steps.
Just need to work out more now.

My morning started off weird. I started to eat my breakfast, almost done...and my stomach began to feel funny, hurt...then bang...I was running to the bathroom and evrything came up. I feel better now, off but better...but I'm afraid to eat...and I am left with broken blood vessels all around my about power puking!

Well off to play groovy girls with she need a

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