Tuesday, May 20, 2008

catch up

wow time goes by so fast...and I am so behind on my blog again.

I have to confess ..I am a bad mommy :)
My 4 year old has never, (well car trips and the odd pass out) gone to sleep without mommy laying with her or cuddling her. I have watched many of nanny 911 shows and the nanny to know this is not good parent behavior.
Being my last baby I know I held on tight to her babyhood but finally since her conception mommy is ready to let let grow up.

We started last night at 7:20. Daddy brushed teeth and read stories then to her room she went. I'm pretty sure she cried almost the whole time. Muttering and talking. The words"I am leaving and never, never ,never coming back " uttered from her lips. Man I need to monitor her t.v more...lmao

She went pee 6 times, said she needed water 4 and came out 5 times...but each time (except the pee requests, took her) I calmly walked her back to her room.

3 hours later....she fell asleep on her own!! woooooopeeeeeeeee....did I say wooopeeeee???!!!!

Tonight again, stories and she is in her room, no crying so far, but she is playing which I prob. shouldn't allow.....but she's in her room!

Well see how long it takes to get this habit planted.

It has been almost two months and I am still in the process of shrinking my self....19 lbs down.....32 in total.....from a 14 to a 9
I feel better fitting all my pre prego clothing(even though I want to be smaller then that)
Very very flabby...horrified at the aging skin attached to my soggy bod...but working on it. What I can fix by exercising I will the rest I will try other means. Funny how quick our body can change but how slow it is to see ourselves different. Still a work in progress but I am getting there :)

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Big stuff happening at your house girl! I am so excited for you. 19 pounds!!!!
and good for you for sticking with the putting her to bed on her own thing. That's huge!
Let's chat tomorrow, I so want a visit. If I can stay awake long enough that is...