Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Voodoo curse

or a klutz?
lol O.k I have to have a sense of humour here!
2 days before Christmas of 2006 I am getting out of my brothers truck , it's very high up, My foot hits some black ice and boom down on my butt! I crack my tailbone. For anyone who has had this injury knows my pain, for those who have been blessed to never had this happen let me fill you in.... I can't stand, sit, lay, cough, sneeze or breathe without you know how hard it is to find one of those blow up rings on x-mas eve?
It has been 14 months and still not healed yet.
Then October....I was working on the riverboat and at La senza. During a shift on the boat some ying yang didn't clean water up off the floor...guess who found it, yup down on my hip. Now I wasn't really bad It hurt but still went to the other job where I was working putting stock away.I some how jarred the injury when I lifted a crate and the full extent of the injury kicked in. I couldn't walk for three days and back pain left me crippled for 3 months.
Now this is humorous, the catering company had a staff party. It so happened to be a week after my injury and I was able to walk with like a penguin and with the help of muscle relaxers and pain meds. Like a complete dip I started to drink white wine....did you know you shouldn't mix those three things together?? duhhhh 2 hours after the start of the party I became very intimate with my friends toilet...soooo embarrassing! Oh did I mention I will never drink white wine again!~
O.k this gets better...about 6 weeks ago I was getting up from the chair and at the same time my son was bent over petting the dog he stood and turned...and smack our heads collided, he was fine, but mom had a concussion!...laughing yet?6 weeks of nausea and dizziness I head back to the doctor and a CT scan is booked.
Today was my scan, I debate cancelling it as i have been feeling much better. Then an hour before going I go to grab the vacuum and the handle connection pulls away from the main part and smacks me hard right in the nose...F@ck!!!!!! thank god it didn't break off to the CT I go, maybe I do have brain damage, or someone has a voodoo doll of me!bubble wrap time I think! :)

Guess my bum ring makes a pretty good hat!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter fun

Friday brought such a wonderful break to the cold winter we have been having.
V.J was so excited to get dressed and head out into all the fresh untouched snow in our back yard. A gentel warning before heading out"stay away from yellow snow!", yes we have a dog and yes when it was -57 with the windchill, it was lucky I got him to pee outside.

I couldn't wait to get the camera out and take pictures of joy on her face. Oh to be a kid again!

I can't believe how incredible the sunshine felt on me! Mmmmmmmm sunshine, nice to see my friend again! V.J went out twice that day and begged for a third!

First time out, happy, happy!

Big sis get's in the fun! Throwing snow at mom.....(excuse the crap in the background)

Going out with big bro....please keep in mind when you see the snowman..sorry snow WOMAN, he's

The finished product! The carrots didn't last long! Between Hercules stealing the nipples and V.J the face...poor snowman :(Doncha just love the snow!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Did I mention I hate my cat!

As a child I grew to love all animals. Thank god my Dad grew up on a farm and shared my love. We had goats(which I had to milk before school(yuck) surprised I still like feta cheese....chickens, bunnies, dogs, cats, fish and birds...not always at the same time.
I really wanted my children to experience the love and the responsiblility of owing pets. We have a dog, black cat and my 28 year old cockatiel and then there is BLU my grey cat ......gerrrr.
Don't get me wrong he is a beautiful, calm well tempered friendly cat, but the stupid thing won't use a sratch post!
He persists on destroying every corner of my $3000 set of new furnature. Thank god I am good with a needle and thread, I have been able to re-mend some of his damage...and then I have resorted to using a clear pet tape on the corners to discourage him.
Dam cat!

why we love him

Why We dont!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Keep on Organizing

Yes I am still on a mission....Kitchen 1/2 done...still need to remove Ikea shelving.

V.J's room getting there. I filled 9 bins of clothing....sick really she hasn't worn 75% of it :(

Then to hit the spare room wher I put all the spring and summer clothing. I want to be ready for my next sale a week before, not still getting ready the hour before I go.....did I mention I am a BIG procratinator?

Then the next big project...the basement...aughhhhhh I walk downstairs look at the mess and walk back up...I don't even know where to begin.

Lots of snow here still and sooo cold. It's only -23 now, yes ONLy it was - 57 with windchill Monday. I am getting cabin feaver, need out ,yet the bear in me say's"HIBERNATE". I love, love love snow......hate, hate, hate extream cold beeerrrrrr.

well need to get moving, take T to the doctor. He came home with a bad ear pain. My kids have never had ear problems before except once this year fot V and now T...virus. But better safe then sorry so guess I will get my outting yet :)

Here are some pictures on moday...frozen windows inside and snow high enough to make if difficult to let the dog out the back door for his morning pee.

Keep warm!!