Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter fun

Friday brought such a wonderful break to the cold winter we have been having.
V.J was so excited to get dressed and head out into all the fresh untouched snow in our back yard. A gentel warning before heading out"stay away from yellow snow!", yes we have a dog and yes when it was -57 with the windchill, it was lucky I got him to pee outside.

I couldn't wait to get the camera out and take pictures of joy on her face. Oh to be a kid again!

I can't believe how incredible the sunshine felt on me! Mmmmmmmm sunshine, nice to see my friend again! V.J went out twice that day and begged for a third!

First time out, happy, happy!

Big sis get's in the fun! Throwing snow at mom.....(excuse the crap in the background)

Going out with big bro....please keep in mind when you see the snowman..sorry snow WOMAN, he's

The finished product! The carrots didn't last long! Between Hercules stealing the nipples and V.J the face...poor snowman :(Doncha just love the snow!!!!

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