Saturday, February 2, 2008

Did I mention I hate my cat!

As a child I grew to love all animals. Thank god my Dad grew up on a farm and shared my love. We had goats(which I had to milk before school(yuck) surprised I still like feta cheese....chickens, bunnies, dogs, cats, fish and birds...not always at the same time.
I really wanted my children to experience the love and the responsiblility of owing pets. We have a dog, black cat and my 28 year old cockatiel and then there is BLU my grey cat ......gerrrr.
Don't get me wrong he is a beautiful, calm well tempered friendly cat, but the stupid thing won't use a sratch post!
He persists on destroying every corner of my $3000 set of new furnature. Thank god I am good with a needle and thread, I have been able to re-mend some of his damage...and then I have resorted to using a clear pet tape on the corners to discourage him.
Dam cat!

why we love him

Why We dont!!

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