Friday, February 1, 2008

Keep on Organizing

Yes I am still on a mission....Kitchen 1/2 done...still need to remove Ikea shelving.

V.J's room getting there. I filled 9 bins of clothing....sick really she hasn't worn 75% of it :(

Then to hit the spare room wher I put all the spring and summer clothing. I want to be ready for my next sale a week before, not still getting ready the hour before I go.....did I mention I am a BIG procratinator?

Then the next big project...the basement...aughhhhhh I walk downstairs look at the mess and walk back up...I don't even know where to begin.

Lots of snow here still and sooo cold. It's only -23 now, yes ONLy it was - 57 with windchill Monday. I am getting cabin feaver, need out ,yet the bear in me say's"HIBERNATE". I love, love love snow......hate, hate, hate extream cold beeerrrrrr.

well need to get moving, take T to the doctor. He came home with a bad ear pain. My kids have never had ear problems before except once this year fot V and now T...virus. But better safe then sorry so guess I will get my outting yet :)

Here are some pictures on moday...frozen windows inside and snow high enough to make if difficult to let the dog out the back door for his morning pee.

Keep warm!!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

oooh I am bowing to you girl, good job on the mucking out. I still haven't done any. ugh.
I have been going stir crazy too, hadn't left the house in ages til yesterday. It felt really good to get out.
Oh, I will call you later:)