Friday, January 18, 2008

Doncha just love Fabric & pattern loops

Three years ago I discovered e-bay, then yahool loops for selling and buying gymboree and naartjie. When I started to sew and sell on e-bay I discovered ebay after all this time I found a fabulous yahoo group that you can order fabric at wholesale and farbenmix patterns...well if you know me(or don't yet) I am in heaven!!!!!
I always have had a weekness for fabrics, sure this was passed down by my mom :)
I have bolts and shelves full, I adore flannels...and can't wait to see the new flannels by Michael miller fun fun :)

If you love fabrics check out

Here is the link for Sandi Henderson's site an amazing fabric designer and seamstress....get ready to drool!
Here are a few of her goodies in her new flannel collection

Doncha just love computer and the web!

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