Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not aiming for perfect...just better

Nothing to do with designing!

Funny how things happen in life. I was reading about an incredible mom who put her kids pokemon cards up for sale to teach them a lesson...her blog is amazing and so is her outlook on life!! She is my hero.
I don't imagine I will ever have more then 2 people reading about me and my life but I promise for the odd neg thing that may come out of my mind I will learn how to be positive again.
I was lookiing back at photos of my kids when they were younger we did more with them they looked happier we looked happier.
It will be my goal in life to make sure my kids grow up with positive memories not the neg bitching mom from hell.
Thanks Dawn(mom of 6) for bringing me back to life.
I am not aiming for perfect here....just better!


Kristen said...

Yay, I am so glad to see you blogging!
You totally touched me and made me want to look at myself. I don't want to be the yelling mom either. All we can do is honestly look at ourselves and try each day to be better, hey? I think you do a terrific job of having fun with your kids btw, look at you paintballing with them. I really need to do that sort of thing more!

Kristen said...

ooh can you send me a blog link to that lady's blog too? I am always looking for inspiration.