Monday, August 25, 2008

Just like dad

Yup on a roll!!
Going back to the thing I just wrote about..... people coming back into our lives.... the past weekend I found myself going back to my hometown. This is a bit of a big deal because I never do except to work once a year at a slo pitch tourney.
It used to be a weekly or bi weekly ritual to go visit my mom...and dad too i guess... but once she passed away I had no desire to go.
when mom passed it put a sort of closure on somethings, knew i would not(or thought) i would never run into the infamous "X" (weird feeling actually.) also not to have that home to go to anymore.

....sorry so off where i was going with can you tell i am ADD!! lol

Throughout our school lives(I'm sure everyone is similar) we have so many different friends...some we never see or care to see again, some are drawn back into our lives when we seem to need it most.

Several months ago through a twist of events and a co-relationship between people we know an old GF contacted me to let me know some information that would help me out.
Anyways this started our friendship again. It is so amazing to me how you can have those friends who you can literally be apart from for years and just take right back up again.To be welcomed into their homes and it feels like home.
So much that you take a little piece of it with you.
This little piece is called Hazel.
A little ball of black fur with razor sharp claws that V has been introduced to a thousand times. Why she can't leave the poor thing alone I just don't get!
I have to laugh at myself because....unlike my mom who sort of liked animals ,tolerated them for dad was the animal fanatic....we never had a house without a dog and at least one cat.
The LAST thing I wanted was another dam cat...but when you have two sets of eyes(c's and kitties) I am a softy, a sucker and we got another cat.
I'm weak at heart....JUST like my dad :)

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Very glad your trip to see your friend went so well. Your new kitty is adorable!